Where does it begin… Greatness? 

Peace be upon those who have lived for us , strived for us , cried for us , given so much of their heart and soul, they lived to die for us. Its hard to deny , however , there were vast a number of great woman and men who once layed their feet amongst this exact same soil that we lay are feet upon today. Greatness has lived before us many times over , so how is it that such an intellectual species finds it so hard to reach perfection. From adolescents,  we are learning lessons , gaining knowledge from schools who then have testing.  How often did your teacher tell you to follow your heart and count your blessings. Though, those before us reached greatness not out of selection , not out of the selection from the teacher who sways away from self rightouness. “Be all you can be” in the eye of the one who beholds your future based off the greatness acheived through their perfection. Where really lies the lesson? Is it in the testing, or the tested? Frustration occurs when greatness is viewed in the text but hard to comprehend the message , test me to find the truth. The truth is held behind the text of those who perfected the test. Encountered  Societal stress , satisfied with less, mentally oppressed. Its almost like they passed the lesson , or they put their life on the line to reach perfection. Where does greatness truely lie?  live life for more than yourself and choose your direction.Follow those who passed the lesson.