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When I take a look at myself. Then take a look at the world, I realize how small I really am. How minute i can be amongst a giant , a magnify glass would have a hard time capturing my existence amongst a world so large as the one in which we live within. So i sit back and ask myself , what can i do change those variables. At what capacity can I intereced societies plan to keep a man of such strength and desire minimized. By being persistent in gaining knowledge, along with obtaining humility, and driving such information back into our culture. This begins to change the game, giving back the vast amount of knowledge that took us years to understand. Show the cultured youth how to prevail at a much younger age than the generation before them. LETS HAVE A VOICE. Be the game changer your community is looking for. 


Where do you stand ? 

Not on command , but i would say i am a conscious man. Living in a world where my ancestors we’re delivered on demand. How can we not understand , society throws education at us like an under hand. Making us feel like we under man. While uncle sam , collects , inspects, making us more jelly of eachothers success than a jar of jam. So we sit back and jar our culture through jams leaving us in jams. Expecting to be the man who builds an empire out of sand, as we denounce our true colors,  others renouce our true brothers , while others  become prospects and try to get tan. As a man! Please , tell me where you stand. 

Is it that thin line between love and hate? Your eyes conceive love through media , images that make you hate who you are. Mediocrity is the space you tend to feel thus far, far from perfect but the perfect species intended. Then we blended our truth with the luxury of the splendid, a small percentage strives with the objective to hinder ones image. Leaving a large percentage oblivious to an epidemic of self inflicted misery, not knowing our true his-story of the ones who did it. You know , Passively misguided massively , not given knowledge accurately. Mothers sleeping with sons , sons with sisters, sisters with fathers, while they called it trading when really it was human trafficking under under mastery.

Now,were racing to the store to by shoes like were trying to cross the finish line , Our foot locked in with a sole that you can feel isnt mine.what sense does it make to drop a dime on something that is not in line, with your values , morals and beliefes or is that your morals , values and beliefs are not yours. Lets fight, fight for our humility , diginity , with pride and strive to pull one another up this moutain of adversity , stop letting them pull out the worst in me. Keep our heads highs , mind strong, and rise like mercury. Coming from the bottom , i can only see the top , it must be the dirt in me. Lets find the truth♾


Never stop your growth!!!

This article is a persepctive on how i presume to live my life. On many occasions i have to explained to individuals the value of continuing self rightouness. Whether emotional , physical,  spiritual ect. To assume we are the new Roman Empire and or the greatest country in the world , i find it hard to understand why we are not the most premier country in education ( Being amongst the top 10 is great , but for us to assume we  have the number 1 military in the world why have we not increased our education to follow. In other words , being in an era where information is captured at the click of a button, we the people need to begin continue our education outside of school.  Lets dive  more into depth in our  knowledge as well as information.  Personally I have been fortunate to learn. more reading and educationing myself amongst my peers than i did all the years of being educated within American societies schooling system. Food for thought.


In the midst of being guided , we find ourselves. In many variations we then find oneself  conveying our inner being through an outter layer more zealous to the eye. We try to dig deeper than a spy, looking for the keys to our soul. So our efforts should be endless when try , reaching higher than the sky, penetrate a feeling more concrete than a sneaker with a sole. Far less out of control , this dress code is  subtle,  my Art displayed through fashion with soley no rebuttal.