Sometimes i feel like life is slipping away , just when i feel like i have a solid grip. My hands holding on by the finger tips , palms begin to get sweaty, life gradually releasing itself from what i have work so hard to get a hold of. Then I sit and wonder , is life really slipping away or is a man finally stepping up to the plate. I can only think it must be time to move forward, it must be time to prevail, why hold on to something that is not being Progressive, it is just weighing down like an old antique to a large ship. How do I know the difference? how do I know the difference between the pain and the struggle of what it takes to be successful or the pain and struggle it takes to move forward. The strength it takes to achieve that one small strive in the right. Opposed to the struggle and the pain that seems to be holding me back, the pain and the struggle that won’t allow me to let go of these wrongful bad habits, the wrongful habits that have been condition into the way i proceed to live my life. Is it time to become the man your soul wants you to be. Is it time to get a firm grip on life. Hold on tight and give everything you have into what is left. Who is right?,  Because when it is time to let go of life , you want to know that your heart gave every hour of every minute to the last second of love. Let go of that old you that has been holding you back, and hold on to life with the new you. That part of you who will let the honey sweetness of your soul disrupt life itself, for others to become visionaries of the purity of self to leave behind the life
Transgressions. Become the change you want to see. 



Thank you for all the love and support,  it is highly appreciated. Let us keeping supporting each other as bloggers, writers, poets, Lyricist,  and musicians, art in its own form display sense of truth. Lets keep sharing our truths and capturing one another realities . #💯