A man of many ideas , how could he not share one and or many. Believed to be conscious of societies stigmas and influential genetic misguiding. To be heard , through his art or their art , to BE HEARD. Raised in a broken home , influenced by the streets , its was the sports and love for his mother that kept his heart a beat. Engulfed in shame , from the decision he made from his past , from changing his ways his heart was no longer driven by cash. Looking for a path with the answers to this life , the streets was no good, he was tired of earning stripes. Days longer than nights , he put up a fight , tried to get right , left everything behind searching for Christ. With his heart colder than ice , he seen Islam in his sight. All of a sudden in a life full of darkness , there was light. Now his smile became bright , in search of his destiny. There she stood , for her I would give everything left in me , so I knew she was right The love she shared barely left a breath in me , so I knew it was my destiny.