As I Blink

Life passes by faster than NASCAR itself,  what will do before your eyes blink. And never open again!



Ok!! it’s time to chime in on the matters within our country. First and foremost as a human race we  should stop pointing the finger at one another and look at the bigger picture. As a black Muslim in this country, playing the victim has not helped any of us , However, history has proven standing up and moving as a unit with my brothers and sisters from each and every background of struggle has moved mountains. So Let’s begin with the hindsight of who benefits from this civil combat between these sub categorized groups,  which were created  by the Europeans who colonized this territory in the first place. 

To clarify what Is intended when stating “groups”  is whether it be race , ethnicity,  culture , religion , sexual orientation. American society exploits more and more distinctive categories with an objective to  point the finger and say ” they are different from our norm , of course they are wrong. We don’t like what we can’t CONTROL, let’s create hate and push for an apartheid”. When as a human race our minds and bodies evolve intuitively over time, to adapt the new norms we face within society.

This goes hand in hand with what we are facing today. Racism , black vs. White essentially. There has been many cases throughout history where we have underwent an apartheid or various categorized groups fighting amongst each other and against each other. Due to substantial sub conscious  propaganda, that was so powerful it has continued to influence the hate against one another until today.Meanwhile there are large groups of people who are focused on the economics of our country and how they can create a process that benefits the minority-majority. So we are falling victim to a puppet show, there is no reason that as a African American man I should be finding reason to hate anyone of any other culture race or ethnicity. If I do begin to indulge in such hate, I  then become exactly what I dislike, so even though “white” men and woman  are putting up Nazi signs and displaying their ignorance on a grand scale. We as people of culture should be bigger than that, we should be able to analyze a situation and realize that the media and the propaganda being delivered is pushing us to hate other Human Beings. Why go to such lengths to create this animosity within our own country while politicians continue to steal, lie, and cheat the system. As policy architect’s implement a new process to keep the poor even poor and make the rich even richer. The American society needs to wake the Fuck up and stop being so easily influenced.

From a subjective perspective , it makes sense for those in higher positions of power to take back “their America” by an art commotion or the start of a civil war.  Meanwhile, they kick back with their feet up and watched their money grow. As history has proven in every war there has been a financial gain on some end of the spectrum. With America currently not having a firm grasp on our economic situation,  what better time to find a solution than to create chaos amongst the people. Facts speak for themselves, as we look more in-depth into the history of this country and the chaos that has occurred many times over we will come to realize that social Warfare is amongst us, our government pushes to create an apartheid and does nothing to create and develop enduring equality. The approach for equality whether social or economic almost always comes from the civilians who push, and push,  and push for everyone to be viewed as a human race opposed to the specific categorized people. Living within a generation or an era where information comes to us a mile a second we have yet to realize we are being diminished as a human race within this country. Whether it be socially, through our food, through our education, through gentrification, separation from being cognizant is amongst us. Though, it may not be like Hitler’s regime, where they go to slaughter a massive amount of people in a short period of time. However, as Americans we are being targeted to become, mentally, physically, and emotionally oppressed in a very cognitive way. So if we are going to begin to make change , it starts now! We need to approach our solution and concerns in a very strategic and cognitive way as well.

For just 1 minute let’s reflect on the numerous groups and people like the M.O.R.E’s, Black panthers , Eugene Debs, Woody Guthrie, Saul Alinsky, W.E.B. Du Bois, Huey newton , Ghandi, Dr. King, Malcolm x , John Dewey, Nelson Mandela and others. Who fought and struggled for the exact same perceptions  we are experience today , the difference is we are still experiencing the same social behaviors today thus not taking impactful actions. Leaving me to reflect on how well were their plans consistently executed.  We as the people need to really unify ourselves and make change the right way , impose our will strategically with integrity and moral. Understand what you are actually fighting for and don’t just follow the social trends , we need to open our eyes to the bigger picture than fight.

Let’s no take these racist acts as a surprise , let’s absorb their detestation and ignorance to display a sense of truth in this country. Use this as fuel and reason to build a foundation of intellectual wealth that has never been seen in this country.


Yes my wife is the most gorgeous,  amazing , soul capturing , heart warming , intelligent, honest , genuine, sexy, fierce, bad ass woman I have ever laid my eyes upon. THAT’S WHY I SNATCHED HER UP.  A woman whose touch softens my rough edges, whose words grab a hold of my ego, and shake it up just enough. A woman Who stands behind me and supports her man even when the chips are down because she knows a piece of her heart lies within him. So it’s only a matter of time until they rise back to the top. 
Words themselves couldn’t do justice on how an astonishing  woman of such love , character and stature shares so much of herself to a man like me. My appreciation goes beyond the stars to have such a woman in my corner , who loves hard , shames even harder but never gives up. Keeps the Vision alive and the goals in front , put up with ALL my bs and more. Men are dumb many times over and this woman has found a recipe that turns something sour into something sweet, and it’s not her lips though I don’t think candy could’ve even compete.  
I can only thank God many times over, and every time i open my eyes in the morning, for bringing such a special woman into my life. A strong wife and even stronger mother. I am humble enough to say this woman helped turn a boy into a Man! A MAN  who is destine for greatness and seeking to conquer many minds for such A greater purpose. With such a queen on my arm , there is nothing that could stop this powerful force. I COULDN’T ask for a better queen to have on my side. @malya_carroll



Sometimes i feel like life is slipping away , just when i feel like i have a solid grip. My hands holding on by the finger tips , palms begin to get sweaty, life gradually releasing itself from what i have work so hard to get a hold of. Then I sit and wonder , is life really slipping away or is a man finally stepping up to the plate. I can only think it must be time to move forward, it must be time to prevail, why hold on to something that is not being Progressive, it is just weighing down like an old antique to a large ship. How do I know the difference? how do I know the difference between the pain and the struggle of what it takes to be successful or the pain and struggle it takes to move forward. The strength it takes to achieve that one small strive in the right. Opposed to the struggle and the pain that seems to be holding me back, the pain and the struggle that won’t allow me to let go of these wrongful bad habits, the wrongful habits that have been condition into the way i proceed to live my life. Is it time to become the man your soul wants you to be. Is it time to get a firm grip on life. Hold on tight and give everything you have into what is left. Who is right?,  Because when it is time to let go of life , you want to know that your heart gave every hour of every minute to the last second of love. Let go of that old you that has been holding you back, and hold on to life with the new you. That part of you who will let the honey sweetness of your soul disrupt life itself, for others to become visionaries of the purity of self to leave behind the life
Transgressions. Become the change you want to see. 


Thank you for all the love and support,  it is highly appreciated. Let us keeping supporting each other as bloggers, writers, poets, Lyricist,  and musicians, art in its own form display sense of truth. Lets keep sharing our truths and capturing one another realities . #💯

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When I take a look at myself. Then take a look at the world, I realize how small I really am. How minute i can be amongst a giant , a magnify glass would have a hard time capturing my existence amongst a world so large as the one in which we live within. So i sit back and ask myself , what can i do change those variables. At what capacity can I intereced societies plan to keep a man of such strength and desire minimized. By being persistent in gaining knowledge, along with obtaining humility, and driving such information back into our culture. This begins to change the game, giving back the vast amount of knowledge that took us years to understand. Show the cultured youth how to prevail at a much younger age than the generation before them. LETS HAVE A VOICE. Be the game changer your community is looking for. 

Where do you stand ? 

Not on command , but i would say i am a conscious man. Living in a world where my ancestors we’re delivered on demand. How can we not understand , society throws education at us like an under hand. Making us feel like we under man. While uncle sam , collects , inspects, making us more jelly of eachothers success than a jar of jam. So we sit back and jar our culture through jams leaving us in jams. Expecting to be the man who builds an empire out of sand, as we denounce our true colors,  others renouce our true brothers , while others  become prospects and try to get tan. As a man! Please , tell me where you stand. 

Is it that thin line between love and hate? Your eyes conceive love through media , images that make you hate who you are. Mediocrity is the space you tend to feel thus far, far from perfect but the perfect species intended. Then we blended our truth with the luxury of the splendid, a small percentage strives with the objective to hinder ones image. Leaving a large percentage oblivious to an epidemic of self inflicted misery, not knowing our true his-story of the ones who did it. You know , Passively misguided massively , not given knowledge accurately. Mothers sleeping with sons , sons with sisters, sisters with fathers, while they called it trading when really it was human trafficking under under mastery.

Now,were racing to the store to by shoes like were trying to cross the finish line , Our foot locked in with a sole that you can feel isnt mine.what sense does it make to drop a dime on something that is not in line, with your values , morals and beliefes or is that your morals , values and beliefs are not yours. Lets fight, fight for our humility , diginity , with pride and strive to pull one another up this moutain of adversity , stop letting them pull out the worst in me. Keep our heads highs , mind strong, and rise like mercury. Coming from the bottom , i can only see the top , it must be the dirt in me. Lets find the truth♾